The Man Of Style And Substance scholarship/mentor program; now in its 7th year was started to provide mentorship and reward scholastic achievement among Detroit area high school junior and senior male students. The initiative has created an avenue for volunteer mentors to work with over 100 high school male students. Our foremost goal is to increase high school graduation rates and assist the students in pursuing a college education.

During the program the students receive instruction from successful men on various character skills that will include: financial literacy, chivalry, educational success, business etiquette, conflict resolution and social responsibility. The students will be exposed to cultural activities, sporting outings, community service initiatives and character building workshops.

To keep the students engaged and committed throughout the program. They will have various opportunities to earn scholarships and rewards based upon benchmarks and achievements that are obtained. We have awarded thousands in prizes and scholarships over the years that the program has been in existence.

Young men are taught at an early age that they must be competitive in order to become successful. Over the years our initiative has successfully brought out this inner competiveness among the students while also encouraging sportsmanship and humility. We pride ourselves on providing opportunities to recognize all of our students.

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